"Belum tibakah masanya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk secara khusyuk mengingati Allah dan mematuhi kebenaran yang telah diwahyukan (kepada mereka) dan janganlah mereka (berlaku) seperti orang-orang yang telah menerima kitab sebelum itu, kemudian mereka melalui masa yang panjang sehingga hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan banyak di antara mereka menjadi orang-orang fasik." [Al Hadid, 57 : 16]

Sunday, 30 December 2012

A funny thing, this is..

Bismillah.. :)

So this is what I've done so far for English final exam tomorrow : 

  1. ate nasi goreng (breakfast) while watching Pewdiepie.
  2. played Scribblenauts and scribble down a few new vocabs like sphinx, kraken, tricolor hang glider, otter, robosaur.. etc..
  3. read a few blogpost that's 98% in malay and 2% in manglish.
  4. watched The Shawshank Redemption without subtitles.
  5. ...and I've just finished downloading The Night Before Christmas... soo...

Anyway, it has been a while since I last shared something that's really useful. I'm not good with words.... ehe, except when it comes to pantun. Oh! I had made one a couple of days ago while I was bored almost to drooling with Bio lab. It is about a little problem we are facing: studying for final in winter = sleeping in hirom.

Leka si kancil, menyantap kuini,
Hatinya sayu, tidak terungkap,
Di mana mengecil, iman rohani,
Tatkala sang bayu, enak didakap?

It's not that good, I know.. but it's TWO YEARS of brain rustiness!! You've gotta give me some credits. umm, actually it's one year and a half, but everyone rounds off, right?


I'm thinking about sharing something useful today. Sorry if I keep on wandering off the topic. It's a habit I can't get rid off. I'm childish, and a childish person loves to wander off things and think about something else. It's our nature, the amazing curiosity...

I wandered off again.. =.="

This was when I was a little kid. Well, little-er.. and um, with childish-er brain, I'm talking about like 2 years old. Give or take.

That time I was just like any other normal little girl despite of my tom-boyishness : I love Hello Kitty. And heaven and earth must have clashed together because at that time, MacDonald just happened to be giving free Hello Kitty figure for every kids meal. 

And just like any other little girls, I believed in commercials. So yes, the little me expected to be getting dozens of Hello Kitty that are miraculously happy living in a very pink tree house. I now see them in my memory as fat idiots who think they all can squeeze into that small ugly tree house that I know if they ever gonna be in my hands, will be broken into pieces within a few days.(Because I was so creative back then, I tend to be innovative with almost everything that I had. Oh, re-pharse.. innovatively destructive)

But they were still in one piece, as fate did it, for the little me never even set a foot in MacDonald.

Oh I begged my parents to go there, really. I had managed, with every bit of vocabulary that I knew, to cling on to my Mama's kain batik and asked, I supposed with tears, why on earth can't we go to MacDonald?

Had I been a little bigger, and mature enough to understand the tough ways of the world, my Mama would answer to me, "Your father's job is just enough to pay the rent and the bills, and we have to use what's left of  it to feed all six of us, which get us just barely by.. so honey, don't you understand?"

But I was stupid. and naive. and selfish. and... well, I'm a 2 years old. So I got this instead :

"Tasneem, you don't need the MacDonald to get the Hello Kitty. You have something even better, The Heaven. If you keep on performing your prayers, and be good to me, you can go to Heaven. and that's where you can get ALL that you want, and more. Anything, and the best part is you just have to ask, and Allah will surely grant it.."

... and I'm glad that she decided to say that to me instead of being honest, because both of the statements are the truth, and I really truly believed in every word that she said. I didn't ask any toy from my father after that, for whenever I saw something that I wanted, I simply said, "It's okay, I'll get it better in heaven.."

It's funny, isn't it? There I was, a little-er and childish-er and stupider girl, but yet I truly hold on to what Allah  promise us muslims. And here I am, a bit bigger, less childish and smart girl, and yet, how is my faith?

And how is yours?

p/s: And I am supposed to mention LadyFaz here.. so, hey Faz! I'm mentioning you! Happy reading! :P

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It's Here!!!!



It's here!!!!!!!

Well, not exactly here, Malaysia actually. Kawan abang aku, kat US, dia belikan bamboo ni. This piece of precious travel all the way from US, to Malaysia, then in sya Allah, to Jordan!!!

Banyak nikmat Allah bagi, Alhamdulillah..

And oh, the decoration tu, hehe, itu dulang hantaran kahwin abang aku. Well, Alhamdulillah abang aku dah selamat diijab kabulkan dengan bestfriendnya, Kak Alin, pada tanggal 22 hb disember yang lepas..

this is one of the hantaran.. sweet kan? Yang atas tu gambar dyorg masa form 1, and yang bawah gambar dyorg recently ambil di tempat yg sama...

Ok, that's all... tak sabar nak tunggu bamboo sampai Jordan!! XD

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Just a peek, and say hey.


Kesakitan itu... satu rahmat... kifarah dosa... zikr maut..


Right, Hey'all!!

A simple reason put shortly: I'm waiting for my Bamboo Splash to heavenly, in sya Allah safely, arrive here, Jordan from Malaysia. Then, and only then will I draw some serious sketching and upload them to my blog.


A simple flyer yang sangat tak seberapa dedicated firstly to Sakan Dani residents.. my friends, and you all..

Honestly, me myself tak mampu lagi nak istiqamah dalam amalan ini, tapi in sya Allah, improve myself while asking others to join you.. that's the base method of dakwah cause no one's perfect.. *smile*

(Dalam kesakitan ini, tetiba ada mood nak main game horror.. huuu.. since my mind is so not in the state for studying)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Me want a Gecko!

Bismillah.. :D

Told myself: If I got a pet chameleon, Pewdiepie and Nigahiga will be my second resort of comfort.

(Ok, Astargfirullah.. the first resort suppose to be the Quran, right? Hmm… *muhasabah*)

Nak bela chameleon, but here’s the problem:

Chameleon ialah haiwan yang exotic. Leceh nak dijaga. I’d searched the internet. Yang paling tak boleh blah nya, dia tak tahan suasana yang bising2.

Well, Jordan? Lagi2 duwar nasim ni, memang takkan lah nak senyap. Except for Fridays and Saturdays morning. Tu baru nikmat MasyaAllah, dpt la belajar dengan tenang sikit.

So, pikir2 balik, bukak laptop, hoping for internet sakan tak pondan lagi, and Alhamdulillah dia lelaki sejati time tu, and I did my research. And the result was…..


The most suitable lizard for the beginners. So like right now, I’m going gaga about Gecko. Pergi Amman hari tu, really hoping to bring home a cute, orange with black dots gecko tapi tak sempat sebab shopping barang winter lama sangat. Got a cool sweater though.. ehee   :D

Me want a Gecko!
Me want a Gecko!
Me want a Gecko!

Plan nak pegi Amman lepas exam Arab. Teehee…

Monday, 29 October 2012

What a black cover did to me.

Bismillah.. :)

Now how can I describe the indescribable?

Hmm.. do you love Boyce Avenue? Heh, do you even know who they are? Apa? Jenama baju? 

I love them. But I'm never a die hard fan of anything. So, I never even thought of meeting them. Just admiring their music from youtube then, get along with my life.

But imagine one day, I get a chance to meet them. OK, I'll freak out. Get on the next plane to Florida the moment I heard the news. kalau kaya laa kan.

But you know that weird feeling when the news just don't really digest inside you head? Like you're still in the sky, floating blurry, just don't get the fact that you're gonna crash down splat, just yet...  And when you eventually crash, you're still having that lost look in your eyes, telling the world : What's going on?

Well, I had that feeling. I always did and still do. Just not with Boyce Avenue lah. But with someone with far superior than just a band from Florida with oh-ma-gosh awesome voice. 

With Syarhabil Bin Hassneh rahimatullah..

Who is he? He is one of The Prophet SAW's great Sahabat. And he's here, in Jordan. 
He's beneath the black cover...... that I touched.
He was two feet before me. 
He was there... right before my eyes.

He who left his hometown for the sake of dakwah, and passed away because of dakwah.

He. Was. There. And. I. Was. There.

I just can't explain how I felt. it's a highly priceless experience that worth cherish forever.


Afterwards, we went to Syarhabil Ecopark. Just because I don't know what to say, (strucked silent by the memories of touching the soft, spine-shivering black cover), I'll just show you the photos, enjoy!

After the tiring uphill journey, wearing jubah pulak tu!, a mesmerizing view waiting for us at the top. A LAKE! in the middle of a desert!! and kat Jordan ada belalang! Hahaha, got so excited I actually caught one, and he was a good boy, just sitting there on my finger.. :)

So, at the end of the day.. we were tired. very. but the experience was unforgettable. Priceless.

Looking forward for the next trip! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Temptating, "evil" Hirom.


As soft as Indian silk, no, more exaggeration:
As milk soft as Atlantis silk
Warm as a sip of hot chocolate on the coldest winter night
as delicious a wrap as syawarma
the crisp of warmth , the grassland of pure softness…
heavy eyelids.. a tempting risk for early birds
but a must for survival.


Oh, I do love my hirom.. :DD

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

10 things, ended with love...


1. Budak arab memang comel and hensem and cantek and friendly and nakal. Yang friendly bila jumpa org malaysia je tegur: "Hello! How are you? What's your name?" Kita pulak jadi terlebih excited especially bila ada sorg budak arab pompuan ni tgur dari tingkap bilik dia : "Are you korea?" Ohoo.. ;DD Yang nakal pulak jerit2, cuba ngorat, nak curik beg groceries, nak pukul dgn kayu, nak raba.. the list goes on. Tapi xramai yang nakal smpai tahap curi raba tu. Paling2 kacau jerit sikit2 je.

2. Bangunan coklat, petak. Kereta berdebu walau mercedes. 

3. Kurang satu tanda kiamat kecil, kerana bila jalan2 kat mana2 pun akan ada lebih ramai lelaki dari pompuan. ratio kira2 dalam 15 lelaki :1 pompuan.

4. Orang arab pompuan ramai yang seksi. Mereka menggunakan istilah menutup tapi membalut. dan bonggol unta memang bukan bonggol unta dah, dah jadi macam sarang tebuan. but ada je yang menutup aurat sebenarnya, Alhamdulillah.. cuma lagi banyak yang seksi. Alah, macam kat malaysia lah.

5. Pemandu teksi sangatlah penipu, makan duit. dan bahaya, for some. Pernah ada kes raba dan paling teruk cubaan rogol terhadap student melayu. so memang kena hati2 nak naik teksi. Ada yang garang, nak tambang sedinar walau dekat ceh sangat, bila orang bantah dia marah2. Orang arab bila marah jangan main2. suara dyorg memang macam tengking terus.

6. Yang miskin, miskin sampai minta sedekah. Yang kaya, maigosh rumah kalah istana. (People, gambar di atas tu adalah sebuah rumah. that's right, sebuah bukan 2 3 buah) Kereta berkilat (hnya org kaya yg rajin kereta berkilat)

7. Peminta sedekah ada sindiket dia yang tersendiri. Jangan bagi sedekah kat orang tepi jalan, kalau nak bagi, bagi lah kat tabung Permai ke, tabung zakat ke..

8. Berkawanlah dengan orang arab. Dyorg ni, kalau dah kawan tu terus friendly, kalau dah suka tu terus rapat, ajak jumpa kat luar, ajak datang rumah, even on first meeting. Aku ada kawan arab, nama dia Shaja'. Dia sangat friendly dan lepas tanya nama dan benda2 basic, dia terus cakap, "Can I meet you outside the university?" Like seriously, mana ada orang Malaysia sefriendly camtu.

9. Musim fall kat sini bermula dengan hujan gerimis, diikuti dengan ribut pasir! Pengalaman redah ribut pasir nak pergi kelas... pergh, rasa nak terbang.

10. Banyak makam2 para sahabat Rasulullah SAW di sini. Makam yang memang ada jasad di situ.

Ada arab yang jahat, tapi lagi ramai yang baik. dan baik diorang bukan calang2 baik. Biasa lah semua tempat ada orang jahat, ada orang baik tapi mestilah orang baik lagi banyak kan?

Hikmah Rasulullah dihantar ke timur tengah. sebab kehidupan di sini amat susah. mencabar. dengan bekalan air yang kurang. perangai sesetengah arab yang degil, penipu dan panas baran. banyak ajar erti kehidupan. Gedung ilmu bagi yang dahaga.

I love it here.
Aku suka duduk kat sini. End of story :)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Umm Qays.



11:32 pm. Angin malam yang sejuk petanda winter makin hampir. (Apasal lah aku bukak tingkap eh?)

Menulis dalam keadaan otak dah tak boleh jalan dengan torque. Bukan tak paham, cuma tepu. Mungkin sebab dah mengantuk. Mungkin sebab letih seharian attend kelas. Atau mungkin cuma plain letih takde sebab.

Nak balut diri dengan hirom baru  ^^,

Anyway, Alhamdulillah Allah bagi rezeki kepada aku untuk memanjangkan langkah mengembara ke satu tapak bersejarah kat Jordan, Umm Qays. Pengalaman yang amat fantastica!

Umm Qays merupakan bekas tapak kerajaan Babylon, Rom ..... hingga lah ke Turki Uthmaniyah where lastly a tremendous earthquake destroyed the civilization. Walaupun gempa dah melanda, serpihan-serpihan bangunan still bertahan hingga hari ni.

And what's more interesting is that from there, you can see Palestine, and Syria!


There, the mountain, that's Israel, it used to be Syria. 
The roads are still in Jordan. We're really standing at the border!

Nak sangat tengok rupa full sebenar tiang ni, must be amazing!

They're just the bits and ashes of the real thing, but still magnificent.
Wonder how the empire looked like way back then... unimaginably stunning I'd say.

And that's here on earth, the things we couldn't imagine.
Now how about Jannah? or Hell? O.o"

Al-Mulk sebelum tidur. InsyaAllah...

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lectures =.="


Car hons, cool breeze, warm sun, baju kelawar with grey cardigan, and car hons -- typical 9.15 am Sunday morning.

Got Physics class at 12.15 am this day, (12.15 am tu tgh hari ke tgh mlm? whatever, i meant tgh hari lah)

My Lecturer is Mr. Khaleed.. Love the guy! Alhamdulillah I got him. His English is good (not great but understandable good) and most importantly, he speaks in English 85% most of the time.

U see, most of the lecturer here in Jordan, they don't speak English that well and so, that often. 

Ramai kawan2 aku, dah naik pening dengan lecturers dyorg yang mengajar dlm bahasa arab. Like this one friend of mine, lecture Physics dia mengajar dlm Bahasa Arab like 99% all the time. Sape yang faham, kan? So dia angkat tangan and asked a question in English.

Lecture angguk. Terangkan jawapannya dalam English....... for like a few early sentences, then lepas tu terus arab. Memang laa dia faham. Memang.

Kami belajar English, dalam Bahasa Arab.
Kami belajar Bio Lab, dalam Bahasa Arab.

Memang kami pahamlah. MEMANG..

Sometimes when I don't understand, I draw.. hey, I AM paying attention, drawing gives me the sanity to NOT fall asleep. Okay? :P

But, whatever the challenges are, Allah has always give the solutions to us. Utk first semester ni, memanglah lecture banyak cakap arab sebab dalam kelas tu berapa kerat je pun melayu yang ada. And dalam kelas tu berapa kerat je pun student arab yang paham English.

Utk first semester ni, kelas Bio, Physics, Chemistry, English semua tu bukan utk student medic atau dentistry je, ada student photography, culture dan mcm2 lagi. So dyorg tak memerlukan english dlm course dyorg, so their English are not that good. so Lecturers byk cakap arab lah..

Apa2 pun.. kalau xpaham boleh je tanya lecture lepas kelas, he or she will be glad to help you. or tanya kawan yang paham, or boleh study sendiri sbb it's all in the textbook.... yang tebal tuh.

so the exam is just around the corner, so yeah, I gotta get off this laptop. Pray for my success, Amiiiin..

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Here you go.. Jordan!


Like really, sebenarnya tak tahu nak tulis apa dan macammana.. sebab BANYAK sangat benda dalam kepala nak curah cam tak cukup tempat.. eheh. But, okay... lets start.

Alhamdulillah, September 9th 2012, 'terbang' ke Jordan. actually ke New Delhi dulu sebab transit kat sana, then baru ke Bumi Anbiyaa'. To summarize it all, it's..

a rough flight at the start, 
a confusing memory of a dark, indian, angry face of a makcik toilet cleaner,
a tired and starving me during the transit.. 
a mesmerizing view of cotton candy heaven...
tonnes of movies to watch during the flight..

Talking about flights, somewhere above Jordan, I saw this.. alien crop thingy:

Bergaduh jap dengan org sebelah pasal menatang apa sbenarnye benda alah ni.. then when I got here, I asked the seniors, well.. they didn't know either, so it's a mystery... uuu

I'd recorded our landing since I luckily got the window seat... but, takpelah takyah upload sini. Let's just say, I'd arrived at Jordan!!!

And now alhamdulillah dah hampir 3 minggu menetap di Irbid, Jordan. New experiences tu toksah katalah memang belambak sangat:

tipikal bangunan kat sini, they're all brown, square, no roof like malaysia's, kinda photogenic in a historical way. semua bangunan nampak sama, whether it's the houses, hospitals, school or even malls. You wouldn't believe how dull and same everything look like! (translation: you get lost easily)

there're no rules about the road.. you can park at the pedestrian walk alley, if you're a bus driver you can stop and turunkan passenger korang kat tengah2 jalan masa tengah berhenti kat traffic light, no speed limit so taxi drivers speed like crazy, dan Ya Allah, hon kereta dyorg... urgh!

the arabs here, besaaaaaargh... and tak kira berapa banyak kali Faz cakap lelaki arab ni hensem aku akan tetap pandang dyorg like scary pervert rapist. ok, not a nice thing to say, actually ramai je arab yang sangat baik (like pak cik teksi hari tu :) tapi sebab banyak sangat kes gangguan ke atas pelajar malaysia untuk tahun2 lepas, jadi kita dididik untuk berhati2 kat semua arab.

walking is the way of life.... sebab I hate taxi drivers.. kecuali pak cik teksi hari tu :)

the juice here... the bomb, the best macam pergh... makanan here, syawarma, zinjer.. God Ya Allah.. heaven.

Actually banyak lagi tapi aku extremely malas nak citer semua. Tapi budak ni rajin, sangat.. sampai sanggup korbankan henset buat modem utk update blog.. ehehehe... 

Ilal liqa'... ^^

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big Smiles.. hehe


Reasons to have big smiles:

1. new templete laa weh.. well, I fell in love with Mr.Snack Time! and orange and blue is my fav mash up :)

2. two days... two days... to Jordan :)

3. mood to draw, turn on!! :)

Doakan kami semua batch.. (entah berapa) middle east intec selamat pergi dan sampai di Amman, Jordan ahad ini...  Amin..

A Penny for A Thought #1


"Ya Allah, cover my aurat when I don't intend for them to be seen, and when my nafs intends to.."

sebab kadang-kadang kita sudah buat yang terbaik utk melindungi tapi ada yang ter-

sepupu lelaki ter-terjah masuk bilik...
ada makmum lelaki ter-lalu depan tempat wuduk wanita...
kain ter-angkat masa nak naik tangga...
angin ter-kuat...
serkup ter-kebelakang...

dan sebab kadang-kadang kita terasa berat utk menjaga

stokin ke rumah sebelah? Alaaah...
serkup apabila tetamu datang? Hmm...
armsock time tengah hari? Pergh...
inner tudung nak pergi keluar malam? Aaaa...

Sebab aurat itu indah, Islam menutupinya bagi yang berhak sahaja utk melihatnya.. :)