"Belum tibakah masanya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk secara khusyuk mengingati Allah dan mematuhi kebenaran yang telah diwahyukan (kepada mereka) dan janganlah mereka (berlaku) seperti orang-orang yang telah menerima kitab sebelum itu, kemudian mereka melalui masa yang panjang sehingga hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan banyak di antara mereka menjadi orang-orang fasik." [Al Hadid, 57 : 16]

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dear Future Me #1


15) Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang bertakwa berada di dalam taman-taman (syurga) dan mata air,
16) mereka mengambil apa yang diberikan Tuhan kepada mereka. Sesungguhnya mereka sebelum itu (di dunia) adalah orang-orang yang berbuat baik;
17) mereka sedikit sekali tidur pada waktu malam;
18) dan pada akhir malam mereka memohon ampunan (kepada Allah).

(51 : 15 - 18)

Mabit Syurhabil #2

Apa yang saya nak?

In sya Allah..

Perfect petals!


Last entry of February in sya Allah.

For the Floral Beginning project, I somehow created the first few flowers out of imagination and memory, mainly because I was too lazy to google for actual flowers. However, after a few flowers, I was out of creativity.  As result, I skipped a few days from drawing any flowers.

And then, I found this flower at the university the other day while I was waiting for the 'gonggok'. I was intrigued at how the petals are arranged: four big white petals and four small yellowish ones and stigma protruding everywhere in the middle!

Subhanallah! My little mind would have never imagined that! Of course, Allah's touch of beauty is far more perfect and boundless than any creature's ever existed! Heh, we are his creation!

I carefully examined the flowers, trying to capture the beauty inside my head and (almost missing the 'gonggok') when I arrived at the lecture hall, I laid out some rough sketches and lines while waiting for the lecturer to come.

I used my Journal Sketchbook: a small Canson sketch & drawing pad that I bring along everywhere so that every time I see something worth drawing, I'll have a sketchbook ready for that! Love the quality of the paper! 

Finally found a decent bookshop in Irbid that sells proper sketchbook. =.="

Why So Serious?


Sanah Helwah Ze'!

Wish you Allah's blessings and forgiveness
May your age be of your benefits in this world and the Hereafter.

And don't be so serious, okay?
Oh, wait. You almost never are.. haha!

I hope this Joker will keep you company through thick and thin

Ukkhuwah fillah
Uhibbuki fillah


This is my first charcoal drawing! I was really nervous about how it will turn out (considering I can't undo or erase any mistakes!), but Alhamdulillah it turned out not as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, there are lots of mistakes and if not because of the Joker's trademark make up, this will not look even a bit like Joker!

I'm planning more on using charcoal. In sya Allah, to extend my artistic skills!

But with the upcoming exam within just a week, seems like I have to suppress this eagerness to just the Floral Beginning project.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013



Kelas anatomy now dah belajar muscle. Amat fascinating! 
(kerana muscle perlukan imagination & drawing)


Dua hari lepas, naik coster (bas mini), nak pergi ke isyarah iskan. Si tukang kutip duit tambang budak lelaki dalam umur sekolah rendah jugaklah. Suara dia serak. Kesian dia, macam nak hulurkan air je. Tambang dikutip 20 qesh setiap org. Sampai ke kami (saya dan kawan),

"One JD" (Jordan Dollar)
Terbeliak mata kami! Terus tercakap, "Kenapa?" Macamlah dia paham. =.="

"One JD" dia mintak lagi.
Kami terus-menerus bagi muka tak paham and pelik and confuse. 20 qesh memang dah sedia ada di tangan.

"One JD" mintak lagi.
Kami tetap tak bagi respon. 

"Okay. Okay. 20 qesh.. "

Ha! Nampak tak permainan dia di situ? Penipu! Haih.. kecik2 lagi nak menipu. Padahal pikirlah adik oit, dah terang depan mata kami kamu pergi kutip 20 qesh dari semua orang, tiba2 nak 1 JD dari kami pulak. 

Dan jugak memang hari-hari naik coster 20 qesh jeh. Ingat kami baru sampai Jordan semalam?

Ceit, baru nak kesian suara serak. 
Tarik balik air.


Semalam, naik coster pergi JUST. Pagi, pukul 7.15 agak2.  Alhamdulillah dapat seat tepi seorang perempuan  Arab, gaya macam pelajar JUST jugak. Dalam perjalanan, coster berhenti untuk ambil penumpang: seorang budak lelaki dan adiknya perempuan. Dua2 umur tadika.

Terus kagum dalam hati buat entah berapa kalinya. Inilah Jordan, budak tadika mampu pergi sekolah sendiri2, dan lagi penting selamat. Takde orang nak culik2 macam kat Malaysia!

Seat dah penuh, kecuali satu seat iaitu di depan saya. Terus si abang suruh adiknya duduk dan dia berdiri. 

Wow! Gentleman dari kecik! Kagum lagi.

Best duduk di Jordan, lelakinya sangat gentleman. Bukakan pintu, offer seat dalam bas, ada construction tape (yang tulis "DO NOT CROSS") depan kami, dia tolong angkatkan bagi kami lalu.. uhuuu...!!! (construction dah lama habis, just takde orang nak turunkan tape tu)

Manners are really important. Alhamdulillah I see them in most of the Jordanian men (moga budak laki tukang kutip tambang itu insaf and grow up to be a respected and honest man). Tapi sayang, Malaysian men tak semua macam itu. 

Bukan nak cakap dah tak pandang lelaki Melayu... No! 

Manners define a muslim. A proper muslim.
That's how you can be a good qudwah.
Let us be the ones that you can SEE Islam in them, not just a muslim by name.

Pesanan untuk diri.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tersentuh :')


Dan inilah yang selalu mama katakan setiap kali saya memohon maaf kerana tidak dapat memberikan sumbangan besar untuk adik2, "Farah, bila kamu dah berjaya, ambillah anak2 yatim dan jadikan mereka anak2 kamu. Itulah saham kita yang paling besar untuk akhirat. Harta tak penting dan tak akan membuatkan kamu kaya. Yang penting, kamu kaya jiwa."

Tersentuh. :')

Entri dari Kak Farah. Bacalah. In sya Allah bermanfaat.

Friday, 22 February 2013

A Floral Beginning :)


Inspired by Emila Yusof, I am determined to draw something with very fine details. However, this semester takes most of my time with the upcoming exams in just 2 weeks. So, I have very little time to spare for drawing.

This little project will feed my daily dose of art. I called it, "A Floral Beginning".

With this, I will draw a flower everyday until the whole paper is full with flowers! I have already drawn 3 flowers so it has been 3 days since I started this project.

In sya Allah this will benefit me in improving my techniques and stroke.

Back in Kisas, my friend once said to me, "Tasneem, kamu ni pandai melukis. Gunakanlah bakat kamu tu untuk Islam."

I said back to her, "In sya Allah.."

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spring is blooming F's


Jordan is blooming with colors! The dry, plain, yellowish brown desert is now a plain field of greenery. There are spots of white and yellow petals here and there along the highway. In the university, rainbow of colors are sprouting everywhere! The roundabout, the front gate, the alley.. it's just so beautiful!

Spring is blooming Flowers! Lots and lots of colorful flowers!

Yesterday, I was making spaghetti bolognese. I had the meat, carrots, onions, cauliflower and tomato all cook perfectly. Now just to add some tomato puree. And so I struggled to open the jar and when I did, I looked into the jar and,

The jar is a living fungus! White and green, web-like fungus at the mouth of the jar! The fungus was not inside the tomato puree Alhamdulillah, but still... I used tomato ketchup instead and dumped the big jar of fungus.

Afterwards, I was told by my friend that her cili bo was also growing out fungus! And she had kept it in the refrigerator!

Spring is also blooming Fungus.

And blooming sprouts from our onions within days from when we bought them!

FYI, we just bought the tomato puree about a month ago. The expiry date is like a year from now. And we kept the lid well closed. I really can't understand how the fungus even get inside there!

(The picture really tells the story. Spring is pouring out flowers, and there's the green fungus... =.=")

Monday, 18 February 2013

Seeing again.


"Seeing is believing"

- half finished when Dr. Ahmed came in. Very unevenly shading -

Wanting to see the world again,

... and not through these illusioning  glasses.

  1. Carrots
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Veggies
  4. Celak. A good celak.

And since I'm wearing a photochromic specs, people won't even notice. ^^

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Denying Blessings T.T"


Subhanallah! Bila lapar memang tak boleh nak study. Looking at my handphone. Bila Dali3 Kashak nak sampai ni! :)

I've been into some memory lanes lately,
Back home, when we were watching tv and totally ignoring the azan, Mama will come to us and recite this:

"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?"

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?"

(Surah Ar-Rahman, 55 : 31 times)

The verse gave us the creeps and (still unwillingly) turned off the tv and performed our jamaah prayer.

Now, this verse got me thinking again last night before going to bed. We have denied so many of Allah's blessings:

The air we breathe, what do we do while we take it in?
The food we make or buy, being thrown down the garbage can just because it doesn't suit our high taste
The time we have, spent on things that define our lives as only 'duniyaa'
The laptop our father bought for us, watching movies and facebook and twitter, totally ignoring the azan
The mouths we have, we use them to curse and lie.

Phones, electricity, water, health, Moms, Dads, faces, limbs, education, wealth, the earth... countless of His Blessings we are denying every single second.. yet we claim to love Him. Dare dream of His Jannah.

Hence come all of His test: sickness, poverty, short of time, failure, death of our dearest etc.. etc.. to remind us human, which of His Blessings that we had denied?

Short-sighted, now I know what's worth of seeing.
A week in Egypt, now I learn the price of living

The eleventh hour before the finals, now I appreciate the value of time
The rise of the market value, now I count my every dime

Shortage of water in the desert, now I cringe at every drop of water wasted
Lost and money-less, now I regret ignoring the unwanted

Out of all the Blessings that we have denied, can we at least try to undeny one of them?

Bang of headshots, for the future me.

Cursing is not the way of Muslims.


"And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree uprooted from the surface of earth having no stability"

- Ibrahim, 14 : 26 -

Why do you need to curse and call your friends bad names?

This troubles me a lot. See, my boy friends (kawan lelaki, male friends) call each other with bad names a lot. I mean, I can quite get it if people curse when they get mad. I sometimes want to curse when I get mad, but Alhamdulillah my parents taught me to choke it down with zikir instead. But sometimes the words slip out, so Astargfirullah, and I'm still learning. 

But, to call your friends bad names all the time? I know they don't mean it literally, that it's just to show how close they are, but don't you know that it's not the way of Muslim to curse?

Cursing sounds cool? Well, in my opinion, it just shows how uncivilized, and uneducated someone is. 
And don't you know that a gentleman never curse?
And a gentleman always gets the girl!

No, I don't mean for you to change the way you speak just to get the girl, that would be a wasted hijrah. But my point is that people, generally don't like those who cursed. I am talking in contacts of Malaysian people and culture.

And on top of all, Allah had mentioned in the Quran about this. I don't know the hukum for cursing, but I know if Allah mentioned NOT TO, then we better try to NOT TO. He is our purpose of life after all.

Actually, this verse, Surah Ibrahim, 14 : 26, means a lot to me. My friend once shared with me a song, Avril Lavigne, I wish you were here, and I loved it cause the lyrics match our friendship experience a lot! But there are some cursing in the lyrics, and at first I was hesitant to sing it but later on, oh what the heck? I didn't  mean it literally!

But I still felt unsettled by this so I seeked the Quran for guidance, and MasyaAllah the first verse that I read was the verse, Surah Ibrahim, 14 : 26. I was shocked, ashamed and glad at the same time. 

I changed the lyrics afterwards cause I still want to sing that song when I miss my friend.
And I now have a solid reason not to curse whether I mean it or not. 

Don't you?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

How the rain makes its sound


"What goes around comes around"

"He sends down water (rain) from the sky, and the valleys flow according to their measure, but the flood bears away the foam that mounts up to the surface.."

-Surah Ar-Ra'du, 13 : 17-


A year ago I scolded someone for being heartless
Now I've lost my heart

Last month you were ignoring people
Just now they just don't hear you calling them

A week ago he felt needed
Right now he feel like giving

Yesterday she was smiling of joy
Today she is still smiling,
to hide her shredded heart

What goes around comes around
It's how the earth spin and 
How the rain makes its sound
Watch the sky and you'll know then

That this all,
It's sunnatullah.


The drawing. Spent hours on it. But I am just so hopeless in colors. Not quite satisfy with this, but I just don't know how to make it more alive!

Look like a school badge or a logo or something. LOL.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Can you spot tentacles?

They change their colors drastically within less than half a second.
So beautiful and realistic. A disguise when alarmed.
But then they change colors again.
Grey rock, or purple coral.
The colors don't last.

Am I an octopus?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Arabian coffee. A walk in the streets.


I don't really like Arabian coffee

- before histology and physiology lectures -

Arabian coffee really taste like the worst pharmacy pill ever created!

 But the Jordanians love it so much I see them carry coffee in paper cup from the coffee machine everywhere! So that's why when I was so bored waiting for the lecturers to come so I searched for some inspiration to draw, and there were always Arabian students carrying paper cup coffee passing in front of me, and also a Malaysian student too!

I bet that was cappuccino or hot chocolate or Nescafe cause those three are actually delicious.


I walked home alone this evening, all the way from Duwar Qubah. I planned to buy some medical books along the way but they had sold out. So, I was in no rush.

Bought a zinger and check out some gadgets. As I walked slowly down the streets, I let down my guard a little bit, but not too low, just not too paranoid. And  I noticed more things that I didn't have a chance to notice before.

There are more shops than I remembered. Many shopkeepers were cleaning their shops. The kids' happy faces as they walked out of school in groups. Just normal pedestrians who went on with their own daily lives.  But somehow, it seemed different.

I noticed a diversity, some sort of a culture melting pot in the streets: A couple of Korean girls just walked out of a grocery store, laughing. A red hair boy just went passed me with his face rather solemn. Some other Malaysians just got back from the university... 

Somehow, the streets felt more alive! and safer. Felt somewhat like home. 

Of course it was not at all like Malaysia, but still, it felt like home...

Probably cause I'm starting to miss home.
Or I'm starting to fit in.

Either way, Alhamdulillah. I arrived safely at home.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Study Cara Cool Bergaya! (^^,)


This is how I study this semester!

Alhamdulillah, banyak nikmat Allah bagi untuk tolong aku study awesomely semester ni:

iMindmap 6
cute strawberry table lamp
nampak tak cadbury finger noir-dark sebelah laptop?

and... bamboo!!

Cara study cool bergaya! Eheh..
Tak membazir ruang dan kertas untuk buat banyak-banyak nota. Mindmap yang kemas, cantik dan senang untuk dibuat. Dah banyak kali recommendkan kat kawan-kawan untuk try iMindmap ni. It's good and free!

Well, yang free edition punya lah.
Yang iMindmap Ultimate edition tu harga sampai USD $ 200 +, mahal ya Allah! Tapi guna yang basic edition ni bukan saja free tapi dah cukup untuk buat mindmap yang cantik bergaya! iMindmap ini kalau tak guna bamboo pun tak apa. Sebelum dapat bamboo ini pun aku dah guna iMindmap ni.

iMindmap ini dicipta oleh Tony Buzan, who we all know the master of mindmapping!

Kalau berminat,

Download link:

Here's a video yang promote iMindmap ini:

Pendek.. =.="


A single lost short cell a midst dozens of tall, handsome cells. 

- semasa menunggu lecture General Histology masuk -

Melukis untuk melepaskan tension kena:

  1. struggle merempuh sekumpulan lelaki arab jordan yang tinggi2 dan hensem2 untuk masuk lecture hall.
  2. duduk dikelilingi lelaki arab jordan dalam lecture hall. 

It's not that dreamy okay? Hensem, yes. But diorang tu tinggi bhai! Kena-kena pulak aku yang cenenot ni. Kena-kena pulak lelaki arab extra tinggi duduk depan kau dalam lecture hall. Terhijab pemandangan tau!

Ujian.. ujian...

Masuk lecture awal. Duduk depan.
Dan jaga pandangan.


Friday, 8 February 2013

All the crazy spots I've prayed


Found this and loved it instantly! Just couldn't help sharing!

The song is here:
Play the song before you scroll down for the lyrics.



Shyness and Modesty


"Shyness and Modesty of men is an excellent virtue - The Shyness and Modesty of women is even more so "
-Abu Bakar RA-

Bamboo and Philter.

My first quotes illustration. Hope to make more.
Ini sebenarnya reminder untuk diri.
And a gift to Syarfa', yang tolong angkutkan Bamboo ni dari Malaysia. Thanks so mucho!

TravelogueEgypt: The Nile River. A bad poem. A resolution.


Ehem. Ehem.

Golden twilight, rays of the late sun
Illuminating the curious river flow
Just enough shine to awaken the hidden beauty
of the cracks in an aging skyscraper
of every leaves on the surviving forest

of the sunken promise
scribbles of earthly sins
marking the start of a new journey


Rapuh janji itu,
Hanyutnya sayu, tak menentu,
Ditelan air hembusan firaun.


Berejam menatap skrin laptop, itu saja yang keluar! Ceh, lama tinggal segala puitis ni. Makin susut otak nak perah vocab. (Memanglah kan, belajar pantun, tapi nak karang sajak. Memanglah, memang)

Um, if any chance, you yang minat Faisal Tehrani tu, baca entri ni, eheh, malulah... *gelaknervousgedik*


A cruise during sunset, along the The Nile River. It's an unforgettable experience! AND while gazing at the twilight sky, we did usrah, circling about The Prophet Moses and Firaun, about the time when the Nile River almost dried out and the Khalifah Saidina Umar RA wrote a letter to the Nile saying something along like this,

"By the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, Most Loving. If you flow for the sake of the earth, then stop flowing. But if you flow for the sake of Allah, then never stop flowing."

Then the letter was being floated on the Nile and miraculously, the Nile started flowing again! and ever since then, it never stops flowing!

We did something quite similar to that too. We floated a piece of paper that had scribbles of the things that we want to get rid of in the Nile. Let the Nile hides our secrets forever and bare witness of our starting jihad to be a better person.

Maybe a hafizah? In sya Allah..


Sedang dibaluti dengan selimut, nak cakap awal-awal, ini first time aku lukis scenery!

All of these years, aku hanya tumpukan pada orang, atau binatang atau other quirky creatures, but not the background. Bila dah dapat Bamboo ni, tetiba terasa nak start berlatih untuk lukis scenery. Got a long way to go but if Allah wills, then I can make it.

Dah beli pon sketchbook, water basic natural charcoal pieces dan pebeo watercolours. from Egypt lagi tuh! Nampak semangat!

FYI, I'm bad at colouring. so I hate it and just stick to pencils and sketches. But art is so boundless! It's not just pencils and sketches, or anime and sneezing monkeys. So, since I don't have any New Year resolutions, I'll just make the first one : Expand your art. Be it the scenery, water colour or recycling.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Medical Student (^^,)!


Organic Chemistry...
Baru terasa macam medical student.

Semester kedua baru mula seminggu. Dalam semester ni, dah mula belajar subjek medic: General Anatomy, General Physiology, Cell Biology and Histology dan Organic Chemistry. Lecturer dah start speaking sedap2. Seronok tu memang sangat! Tak sabar2 menunggu cuti syita' habis. Siap beli lampu study dan bookchair lagi tuh! Nampak tak semangat kedoktoran di situ? Ehek..

Buku Medic pon dah berderet atas rak buku. Itu pon tak habis beli lagi. Seronok tengok buku tebal2! Kedengaran nerd di situ...

Aku lukis makhluk tu sementara tunggu Dr. Ahmed datang kelas tau! Just wanna say that I'm paying attention during class  :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tikus Mondok.


*Burp* "Can I have another cheese please?"

It's here!
Bamboo is finally in my hand!!!

Alhamdulillah! Seronok ni tak tahu nak describe macam mana. Thanks to mama, abah, abang ayman and not to forget kawan abang yang tolong belikan bamboo ni kat US. Thank you a thousand times!

I was so excited I pushed myself to stay up late just to finish this drawing. hehe... padahal esoknya ada kelas. 

Tikus mondok:

1) I am going to buy a Syrian Hamster. Tunggu duit elaun sampai. Buat teman study. :)
2) I just like to draw things that are ugly but beautiful. Like Jason Mraz said, see the beauty in ugly.

This is just only the beginning. Baaaaaaaaanyak benda boleh buat lagi dengan Bamboo ni. I plan to study using it too! Btw, I used Artrage Studio to draw this and the application is fantastic! It's just like you're drawing on real paper! And using Bamboo, it SOUNDS just like you're drawing on a real sketchbook! It's really great. I really look forward to get home from university to just sit and draw.

Wallahu 'alam..

Friday, 1 February 2013

TravelogueEgypt: First night, a bedtime story.


After all the fusses about snow and the biology exam being postponed, threatening our vacation plan to Egypt and we hadn't received our residential cards yet, things turned to be working out quite smoothly. Allah is the Best Planner of all, kan?

Egypt was amazing! and one of the things that made it that way was my travel mates:

Khalili, Umi, Faz, Aiza, Syuhaida and Hana.

They were truly crazy and we were really loud! Kesian akak2 yang menjaga kitorang...

Kak Rai was one of our 'babysitters'.. eheh. She is awesome... and she told great bedtime stories! She just got back from Gaza just before we arrived at Egypt, and she told us all about it. We stayed up quite late on our first night at Egypt.

She told us that, at Gaza:

1. The children: they are all huffaz all 30 juzu'! There is even a Kementerian Al-Quran! So during the semester break, the children MUST join a camp where they will memorize the quran in just 3 months! and the camp is free! MasyaAllah!

Kak rai asked one of these amazing children, "How can you be able to memorize the quran at such young age?!"
The kid frown at her, and said, "Doesn't everyone memorize the quran?"



2. Briged Al-Qassam (the soldiers of Gaza): They are all huffaz too. Kak rai met this one cab driver, who worked as a soldier during the night shift. She asked him, "Doesn't you get tired? Working all day, and staying up all night?"

He responded, "The kids nowadays get excitement with the internet and all. Well, I am just like that. I get the same excitement from guarding this sacred land. How can I ever be tired?"

Kak rai terdiam. Kami pon terdiam bila dengar cerita ini. Headshot lagi.

"What did you do all night long? Don't you ever get bored?" She asked.

He smiled and said, "Why, it's really fun! We recite the quran together!"

Garu-garu kepala. MasyaAllah... memang mereka ini insan yang sangat hebat!!

3. Mothers put up pictures of their sons and daughters getting a degree or a master. The mothers in Gaza proudly put up posters of their sons saying, "These are my sons. They are all syahids (died from the war)."


The brave and amazing men, women and children of Gaza. What are we if to compare with them?

Tiba2 teringin untuk melihat Malaysia ada kementerian Al-quran yang tersendiri. But Rome wasn't built in a day. The Khulafa wasn't built in a day. and so the Malaysia I dreamed of isn't going to come any sooner.

It starts with the people, with us, with me.

This bedtime story gave me a whole new purpose for this vacation trip to Egypt. As I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep, I silently prayed to Allah,

"Ya Allah, jadikanlah jaulah ini sebagai satu batu lonjakan untuk aku menjadi lebih baik dari sebelum ini. Berikanlah aku pengalaman sepanjang jaulah ini, yang dapat menolong aku di waktu iman aku rendah. Ya Allah, biarkanlah aku ingat jaulah ini sebagai satu titik tolak aku ke arah menjadi seorang doktor yang hafizah! Amin.."

And Allah did grant me my wish. Alhamdulillah He gave me so much priceless experience throughout this jaulah.

If I have time and want to, I'll write about them, but some, I rather keep them to myself, just to hold on to the greatness of them all.



It's 8 degrees Celcius in Irbid and it's noon. Been raining a lot. Oh, I just hope it will snow again! Amiin!