"Belum tibakah masanya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk secara khusyuk mengingati Allah dan mematuhi kebenaran yang telah diwahyukan (kepada mereka) dan janganlah mereka (berlaku) seperti orang-orang yang telah menerima kitab sebelum itu, kemudian mereka melalui masa yang panjang sehingga hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan banyak di antara mereka menjadi orang-orang fasik." [Al Hadid, 57 : 16]

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Draw and study and a whisper.


Physiology: How the Brain works.

Subhanallah. With the final exam is within just 3 weeks away, starting with Anatomy pulak tu, I have lost all time to dedicate for just simply drawing my passion out. Sekarang tengah datang mood study, maka kena manfaatkan while this mood last, kena study study STUDY!

And recently, my dearest roommate gave me an idea of how I can study without getting bored a few minutes later: Draw while you're studying! And my big brother also gave me a big push on keeping up with doing mindmaps.

Thus, I am sincerely thankful for all of your helps. It really works! Dah lama tak study berejam macam last weekend. Kinda miss those moments of being a hantu study. Ehee.. budak medic memang nerd, tapi nerd kami, nerd bergaya menyelamatkan nyawa orang! In sya Allah..

Have a whisper to shout:
Everytime you feel that bit of proud (riak) growing in you, I know everyone does, just say Alhamdulillah. Bear in mind that, All praises are to Allah, and Allah only. You don't own anything, your hard work, your talent, your intelligence, your wealth, anything that you feel proud of, remember not one bit of them are truly yours, they are just borrowed to you from Allah. He can take them back any day, anytime.

Ultimately, Allah owns all that we own, even ourselves. So say Alhamdulillah and mean it, All praises are only to Allah. In sya Allah, the riak will cool down. You don't have to say it out loud, just say it within your heart. Comfort and treat your heart in silence.

People might think you're the proudest person in the world, but what people think of you doesn't matter, what really matter is what Allah think of you, cause you live to impress Him not other people. And impressing Allah is much more easier than impressing human, cause Allah is Ar Rahman Ar Rahim, and human is you and me, we all aren't perfect and make mistakes and we can't love the way Allah loves. Our love full of dark holes, jealousy, hypocrisy and misguided. Only a true mukmin can love with a pure love.

This whisper is for you and mostly for me. For I am not as good as you think. Really, words can fool you. I tell you, I don't say Alhamdulillah all the time, maybe I say it more in my blog than I do in my real life. But the thing is, if we keep expecting people to do what they say, then how many can actually say, "Be khusyuk in you prayers!" or "Don't be sad, Allah is with you!" or even "Wash the dishes!"? Cause everybody gets that overwhelming laziness to do the dishes sometimes, right? Hehe.. (saya la tu)

It's the same. Everyone gets the laziness to do good sometimes. So keep in our mind, don't look at the people who is saying, look at what he or she is saying. Full stop.

I have my bad times, and my good times, times when I go astray from remembering Allah (that's when I behave the worst), and times when I go all hardcore. I am just another normal human seeking to better myself, aren't we all? In sya Allah to benefit myself, my parents (miss them), and my ummah.


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Post untuk diri: Study Motivation :3


For every ups and downs, thunder and lightning and rainbows in our lives, for every problem that we face, know that we, as muslim, has someone that we can make an example of. Someone that we can look up to what he'll do, if he is in our situation, and without doubt, we can follow him.

and of course he is The Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Allah SWT had given Nabi Muhammad SAW a perfect life as a template for us to follow. Following his sunnah is a way of expressing our loves towards him. And it's not just following how he ate, or how he dressed.Why not, everytime we have a problem, we look into his sirah, and search for the same problem, and how he dealt with it, and follow that. 

Now that is truly living by the sunnah.

I only really realized and comprehended this lately, when I had a problem, and was lost on finding a way to solve it. And then, Alhamdulillah, Allah shifted my gaze towards my bookshelf, where I saw the kitab Fiqh Al-Sirah 1 amongst the academic medical books that I have. The one that my naqibah gave me. And that gave me a thought: "What will Nabi Muhammad SAW do if he was on my place?" 

(My problem was that I was really unmotivated to study. It was a big deal considering the exam was really just around the corner)

So I reached it, and opened to the chapter where Nabi Muhammad SAW's worked as a shepherd. And I got my way out that instant!

"Sebaik-baik harta adalah hasil daripada perusahaan sendiri demi kebaikan masyarakat dan manusia keseluruhannya,
dan seburuk-buruk kesenangan adalah kemewahan yang diperolehi tanpa kesusahan yang langsung tidak memberi sebarang sumbangan kepada masyarakat."

It will be really worth it if I get a high mark after I work so hard for it. The hard work pays off. It will make a better and tougher me too. Ever met a rich, highly spoiled friend? Yeah, I really don't want to get high score over little work. The triumph will not be the same.

This motivates me. Rasulullah SAW worked very hard to get some food for his cousins, even if he was just a little boy. Now I'm 19, and I have stocks of chocolates in my study drawers, and I have Jebat to keep me company, and I don't need to worry about money, so I don't really have any reasons to NOT study.

It is not impossible to achieve the highest triumph. You just have to work hard for it, and tawakkal.

Work hard, but remember, Allah SWT is the one who gives you the time and determination to study, so spend some time and determination for worshipping Him.

I have some pictures that motivates me a lot to study. Hehe, so this is for the future me who has lost all will and determination to study.

Bekas-bekas kuning untuk letak pensil tu sangatlah ohsem. and convenient.

I want that study lamp, and that english-styled wooden basket.

Teringat dulu kat asrama suka tampal2 notes kat dinding. Masa tu memang sangat hantu study.

from Aisyah Syakirah too
Teringat nota warna-warni zaman SPM dulu. Kalau dulu boleh cari masa nak buat, kenapa tak sekarang. Malas je penghalangnya sekarang.

Ultimately, tatap gambar mama, abah dan family. :) Takde lah nak letak kat sini, privacy sikit ;)

"Every great achievement was once considered impossible"

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr. from The World is Our Classroom-

Now, study!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

It's love, that's what it is.


Headwind, penuh bergaya!

May our iman bounce higher than before, and may it stays in midair longer than it is on the ground. :)

We know that dakwah is every muslim's duty to his deen. No matter how deep the filth you're in, as long as you had recited the syahadah, it falls upon you. Some said this is too much a burden for them, some said they're not worthy enough, and some are afraid of the rejection they might and will get.

I had said all of those words.
But not once in my life, had I ever said, nor felt, that dakwah is my expression of love.

Until one of my sahabat gave me this article, and it gave me new perspective towards dakwah.

Dakwah is an expression of love, don't you agree? It's how we tell Allah azza wa jalla that we love Him. Because He love us, more than you and I can say with words. He loves us more than a mother loves her lost child. He knows us better than anyone else. He gives us, you and me, this iman and Islam. So, it is enough common sense to us, that we should love Him back.

Now how should we love Him back? I say, Look around you! Look at what other people think of Allah! Look at how low and misjudged this pure and dignified deen has become in the eyes of the world! Look at how the kafiir mock the names of Allah?

Now how could we let this happen, if we are to say we love Him? We can't! We have to show the world, the true face of Islam! The true 'face' of Allah (not literally of course)! and by how? With dakwah, clearly, with dakwah.

So, brothers and sisters, lets ignore that bit of hypocrisy that we felt in our heart, deep down, and wake up, and tajdid our niyaat (renew our purpose) of doing this dakwah.

Ya Allah, let me do this dakwah, as a way I show You how much I love You.
May Allah gives us guidance and strength to stay in this long and painful yet promising road to Jannah.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Our One Destination.


"One's destination is never a place,but a new way of seeing things"

-Henry Miller-


Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi ketenangan sebelum dan selepas. Every moment in our life, know that it will not pass by without a purpose, which Allah SWT had arranged for you beforehand.

"Tidak ada sesuatu kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang ditimpakan di bumi, dan tidak juga yang menimpa dirimu, melainkan telah sedia ada di dalam Kitab (pengetahuan Kami) sebelum Kami menjadikannya; sesungguhnya mengadakan yang sedemikian itu mudah bagi Allah. (Kamu diberitahu tentang itu) supaya kamu tidak bersedih hati akan apa yang telah luput dari kamu, dan tidak pula bergembira (secara sombong dan bangga) dengan apa yang diberikan kepada kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada tiap-tiap orang yang sombong dan takbur, lagi membanggakan diri."

[Al Hadid, 57 : 22-23]

Our one destination is Jannah and Jannah only. And it really is about a new way of seeing things:

Seeing every hardship and test is a way Allah tells you He loves you. Allah SWT loves The Prophet Muhammad SAW the most and look at what He made him go through! Seeing your sisters and brothers in Islam as truly your sisters and brothers, you dont want them to go the Hellfire too, kan?

Seeing mother nature and 'see' Allah's Greatness, He is Al Khaliq, The Creator! Seeing the love that we have, will be wasted if not for Allah. Seeing that every mistakes we made is a step toward success, Dunya wal Akhirah.

Seeing, is believing.

May our imaan are in a greater state day by day, in sya Allah.
If you're upset, remember that Allah SWT loves you, and I, along with the Muslim ummah, love you too, so much. We are praying for you each and every day. So keep your head up high, and walk on.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Don't Be Sad ^^,


Hancur, Jijik, Hina, Lemah... sangat lemah.

This morning, I felt so.... so useless. Cause I gave in to temptation too much, too much that I broke many of my jihads. Funny, it seems, when I gave in, I didn't feel this way, but after I lost, this is how I felt. I felt sad, to begin with. Cause my ship is only beginning to start sailing, but it had hit an iceberg.

I felt sad, but Masya Allah, Allah SWT loves me so much, He loves me so much that He always give me a hint of light in my darkest hours.

When I was talking and sighing too much, He gave me Surah Al Ma'arij, 70: 19-27.
When I was feeling depressed and unmotivated, He gave Fiqh Al Sirah, for me to make an example of The Prophet Muhammad SAW.
When I need someone to talk to (and I didn't realize that I need to), He gave me a call from my family, and my naqibah.

and when just a few moments ago after solat subuh, I felt sad for lately, I didn't qiam as much as I used to, He gave me this video, from youtube. Allahu Akbar!

Alhamdulillah, don't ever be sad, Tasneem :)

Al Fatihah. Cadaver. o.O"


Selesai solat maghrib berjemaah:

"Saya tak tahu sangat doa arab ni. Kita baca Al-Fatihah je lah, ya? Itu doa juga kan?"

Terkedu saya mendengar kata-kata sahabat saya tu. Ha ah, kan? Subhanallah, tak pernah terfikir pun untuk baca Al Fatihah saja sebagai doa, walaupun dah tahu dan paham maksudnya! Teringat, waktu saya malas untuk membaca doa selepas solat, so pakai blindly baca mana-mana doa arab yang dah dihafal, tanpa really meant what I just said.

Hmm, daripada doa kosong begitu, lebih baik baca Al-Fatihah saja kan? Kan Al Fatihah itu sudah merangkumi segala doa yang seorang muslim patut minta kepada Tuhannya?

Subhanallah... :)


Jebat ada masalah psychology. Masalah kecelaruan identiti rumah dia.
Ada ke patut dia buat roda tempat lari-lari tu sebagai rumah dia?

The problem is, bila dia letak segala tisu dan kuaci dia dalam roda tu, then dia lari-lari pulak, maka effect hentakan kuaci pada roda tu menghasilkan bunyi yang mampu mengganggu ketenteraman jiwa raga saya yang nak tidur.

Nasib baik sayang, kalau tak dah lama buat cadaver untuk anatomy.

Hehe, bahaya tak jadi pet seorang pelajar medic? *Angkatkening*


Exam Organic Chemistry esok. Lusa Physiology. Selang tiga hari pulak anatomy. Esoknya terus Histology.


Mohon dipermudahkan...
Bi iznillah..

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Whispers: The Fruit Bearer


How to espalier a fruit tree.

Life has been a lil bit mixture of fuzziness and blessings lately. So much to tell but so little time to spare. All of my inner thinking has to get through out of me at some point somehow, though I'm much more of a keep-to-myself person.

My blog is always about pictures and drawings and easy-going stuff. Never a diary. I rarely express my problems to other people, the kind of problems that I know they cannot help but just hearing. If what people can do is just hearing, then I know I have Allah. He can hear me out, and help me too for a fact.

"And indeed We have created man, and We know what his own self whispers to him. And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein."

- Al Qaf, 50 : 16 - 

But some of my whispers, ought to be heard, for my own sake, and it might touch others as I whisper along.

So here is one of them:
These ibadah, they're worth it if they are shown in our natural manners. It's like growing a tree, you plant the seed, water it, and watch it grow: first the roots, then soft green buds stick out, the roots grow sturdier, and the stem becomes wood, leaves form bushes of greenery and shades, only then the fruit will emerge.

It's the same, the sunnatullah,
To make a mukmin, someone worthy of Allah's Jannah, you need to plant the iman, nuture him, give him time to grow. Strengthen the aqidah, water him with tarbiyyah, as time pass, the ibadah will become 'greener' and 'fresher' day by day, and at last, he will bear his sweet fruits of akhlak. His nature manners will be of Islam. His love will be only for Allah and His Prophet SAW.

That is what I thought of why I have to strive so ever hard to better my ibadah, to strengthen my aqidah, why I must know exactly the reasons why I want to leave this or do that.

It takes 5 years for an espalier-growing fruit tree to mature. How many years will I take to?

And I'm only in the germination stage.
Because of this, it will be a long, long growing process.
But I dare myself to dream big, to bear my own sweet fruits and love.

And why I have to whisper this out loud?
It's for when that time comes for me to be down and feeling like giving up. When that time comes, please Tasneem, remember why you do this, and stay strong.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Productive +.+!


So true.
Be more productive, that I must.
In life and love (to The One)

(Oh Kenshin Himura... :3)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Otak yang Lemas.. =.="


Library JUST
Situasi di mana semua orang sekeliling tengah study, 
dan saya seorang yang tengah melukis kerana dah tepu dengan OC

When my mind is fully occupied with Organic Chemistry
Thinking means breathing it in too
Until my lungs can't take it no more

Organic Chemistry 2nd Exam, 16 days to go  =.="

Masya Allah, exam berderet kali ini. Gap sangat dekat.
Doakan moga-moga saya tak lemas.

(Nampaknya marathon movie terpaksa ditunda lagi.. :( Takpelah, cukuplah dengan satu episode Samurai X tiap2 kali dinner)