"Belum tibakah masanya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk secara khusyuk mengingati Allah dan mematuhi kebenaran yang telah diwahyukan (kepada mereka) dan janganlah mereka (berlaku) seperti orang-orang yang telah menerima kitab sebelum itu, kemudian mereka melalui masa yang panjang sehingga hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan banyak di antara mereka menjadi orang-orang fasik." [Al Hadid, 57 : 16]

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Owl-ish, Creepy-ish, Flying Jebat!


Asal nak lukis Jebat.
Then kinda tertambah mata ala-ala owl.
Jahitkan telinga.
And then the creepy me took over, adding the little sharp spirally nails.
And I just couldn't resist adding the flying squirrel's wings.

I just love adding the tiny details, 
they gave me back pain and sore fingers but also a satisfaction I only get when I know it's gonna worth it. 


Saya mula nampak pattern waktu sakit saya. Allah selalu bagi saya sakit waktu saya paling sibuk. Ternyata waktu saya sibuk, saya mula tinggalkan Allah. Tapi Allah tetap Maha Penyayang, Dia tarik saya balik, dengan bagi saya sedikit kesakitan.

Saya tak suka minta tolong orang waktu saya dalam sakit sebab tak semua mampu berkorban dan seringkali saya akan kecewa. (Sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others memang susah). Tapi kalau saya minta tolong Allah, pasti saya takkan kecewa. He will always be there when I need Him.

Macam tadi, terasa tak selesa nak berdiri, let alone berjalan, tapi ada kerja nak dibuat, ada barang kena beli hari ni jugak. La haula wa la quwwata illa billah.. Gagahkan diri jugak pergi keluar. Hasbiyallahu wa ni3mal wakil, cukuplah Allah sebagai pelindung, dan teman saya.

Amat bersyukur dengan kekuatan yang Allah bagi :)

Jadi, lain kali kalau kamu sakit, minta kekuatan dan pertolongan dari Allah,
sebab Dia faham, dan Dia pasti akan tolong kamu.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

For you and me: Blaming others.


Blaming other people is like drinking poison and expect the person you're blaming to die. It's killing yourself, without you even knowing it.

What a fool you are, if you blame others for your own mistakes. Yes, the people around you might influence you in such ways, but it is you who walk your life, not them!

What's wrong with you, with us? You know, every time we face a failure, you know what we blame? We blame the society! We say it was the society's fault. It's our parents', our friends', our teachers' fault. It's society.

I say it's not society! Society doesn't force you to do things! Allah SWT gives you a choice. Every time we do something, Allah SWT gives you and me a choice. And it is up to you, to do it or to leave it!

When you go to school for education, does the society force you to go there? You could skive! (ponteng)
It's your choice.

You might live in a society that doesn't benefits you. But it's your choice to just go with the flow, or to swim against it. Don't blame the society. Don't ask the society to change to fit your benefits, ask yourself to change!

You know, this reminds me so much of myself, a while back. I once blamed someone, for the huge drop in my examination grades. But I didn't spat it out, being myself, I kept it just within me.

But Alhamdulillah, not long after that, I realized how foolish, and how selfish I was. My friends might encouraged me, in a way, to not focus in my study, but it was me who chose to not to! Alhamdulillah, I realized by enough time for me to change how I study. It was way back then, but it made me who I am today.

Being the person who take the blame, whether a false blame or not, is pretty much the same. The society might tell you that it's your fault, but if you find no truth in it, then it's your choice to trouble yourself with it, or  to just leave the matter to Allah.

You can solve it, confront her, make her realize what a fool she is to blame others for her own failure. That's dakwah in a way. And remember to be gentle, for if you don't, then she'll run away.

"Maka berkat Allah engkau (Muhammad) berlaku lemah lembut terhadap mereka. Sekiranya engkau bersikap keras dan berhati kasar, tentulah mereka menjauhkan diri dari sekitarmu."

[Ali imran, 3 :159]

And if she still don't want to admit it, then let her be. Like me, she has her own pace on getting every word that you said to sink in. And like all of us, you don't control how she feel, or how she thinks, Allah controls that, so pray to Allah that she'll listen.

And always remember that you're not alone. You always have Him, and you're a part of the muslim ummah, meaning that every single muslim is praying for you, including me. :)

Be brave, and strong. 

".... Mereka tidak (menjadi) lemah kerana bencana yang menimpanya di jalan Allah, tidak patah semangat, dan tidak (pula) menyerah (kepada musuh). Dan Allah mencintai orang-orang yang sabar."

[Ali imran, 3 : 146]

And don't be sad.
It's you who choose whether to smile or cry.

Some of the words from this entry are from the recording of Yusuf Az-Zahabi's lecture on There Are No Gangster In Paradise.

And I'll include a link here for those who feel like clicking it :)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Weak and Slow.


I'm really weak,
and so slow in figuring out all the hints that He has been giving me this whole time.

Truly, Allah works in mysterious ways, and His mehnah comes in so many different ways.

Now I understand, that sometimes doing something really bad makes you feel closer to Allah because of the fear for the wrongs you did. and sometimes doing something good makes you go even more astray from Allah because of your riak.

and truly, being angry with yourself is the worst kind of feeling ever. It's so irritating, and it gives so much heartache, and headache.

Sometimes, it's really hard to see the hikmah behind all the mehnah that Allah gives us. But now I see, that with every sin that we do, there's a hikmah behind it too.

O Allah, please don't be mad at me for all the sins that I'd committed.
Please don't be mad at me for the jahilliyyah that I'm still holding on too.

That sounded so selfish, but there's nothing else I could have ask. I'm really weak. We all are.

And O Allah, please forgive me. Please forgive me.

Bacaan Doa Qunut Subuh dan Qunut Nazilah


Dalam usaha untuk memperbetulkan tajwid dan makhraj bacaan solat. Dan untuk hayati lagi bacaan-bacaan solat. Allahu, terimalah solat kami!

google image

google image

Moga jadi amalan.

Watercolor Painting : First trial!


Alhamdulillah, yesterday I finally started to water paint! To say that this is my first time water painting is not really accurate, cause of course I've water painted before, at school during art class, but I was so bad at it that I hated it immediately.

So this is my first time to actually really water painting!

I just watched some tutorials at youtube, and just go with what color and brush I have. and so wallah! It's not really that good, but I patted myself on my back because it turned out way better than I'd expected. (I truly expect that it will turn out like those kindergarten painting).

I painted over the pencils outline and so I couldn't erase it. Heh, first timer faults.

And I used only three colors because I was stingy with my newly-bought, from Egypt watercolor. Haha! That's why it's so dull. In sya Allah, I look forward to water paint again.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Warming up Ramadhan!



Subhanallah, it's almost Ramadhan! and I've done nothing to prepare for its' coming! Astargfirullah.. Dah la ini Ramadhan first di Jordan. o.O"

So, this is a reminder to myself, that from this day on forth, I need to prepare for Ramadhan! But the question is how? So I did some research on the web. May this be my guideline on preparing for Ramadhan.

Why do I need to prepare?

Hadith sahih:

Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah menaiki mimbar (untuk berkhutbah), menginjak anak tangga pertama baginda mengucapkan 'amin', begitu juga pada anak tangga kedua dan ketiga. Selesai solat, para sahabat bertanya, "Mengapa Rasulullah mengucapkan 'amin'?" Lalu baginda menjawap, "Malaikat Jibril datang dan berkata : "Suatu kerugian kepada seseorang yang bila namamu disebut, dia tidak mengucapkan selawat ke atas mu," lalu aku mengatakan 'amin'. Kemudian malaikat berkata lagi, "Amat rugi orang yang berkesempatan hidup bersama kedua orang tuanya tetapi dia tidak sampai masuk syurga," lalu aku mengucapkan 'amin'. Kemudian katanya lagi, "Amat rugi orang yang berkesempatan hidup pada bulan Ramadhan tetapi tidak terampun dosa-dosanya," lalu aku mengucapkan 'amin'. 

[Riwayat Imam Ahmad]

Enough said. 
Kita semua ada dosa-dosa yang sangat bertimbun. Kalah bilangan pasir di pantai. 

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

[Benjamin Franklin]

"Give me six hour to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

[Abraham Lincoln]

"Those who are most aware of death and prepare themselves for it, are the wisest of people."

[Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 4, Number 13]

Now what can I do to prepare?

  • taubat yang sebenar (tinggalkan maksiat)
  • doa : "Allahuma Balighna Ramadhan!"
  • Banyakkan puasa sunat.
  • Banyakkan berzikir.
  • Banyakkan qiamullail.

  • Baca buku mengenai puasa.
  • Dengar ceramah mengenai puasa.
  • Hafal surah-surah sebagai persediaan sebagai imam atau makmum.

  • bersedia untuk memberi tazkirah tentang Ramadhan.
  • mengingatkan orang mengenai pentingnya membuat persediaan menghadapi Ramadhan.

  • membuat persediaan menghadapi Ramadhan bersama-sama.

  • menahan diri dari berlebihan (makan, pakaian, etc)
  • bersungguh-sungguh melawan nafsu
  • berlapang dada
  • menahan lidah dari mengumpat, berkata keji dan berkata yang sia-sia.
  • azam untuk meninggalkan satu lagi perbuatan lagha yang kita selalu buat.

In sya Allah 'ala kulli hal.
Sebagai peringatan untuk saya, dan kamu.
Mari kita jadikan Ramadhan tahun ini sebagai penghapus dosa kita semua!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Save A Life!

Hi, assalamualaikum!

".... and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind."


More reasons to be a great mukminah doktor!

Subhanallah, medic is tough, and I am only in my first year! I'd seen the seniors, and they struggle really hard just to barely past the exam.

Allahu, ease this path for me to Jannah, not ease it for an easy worldly life. I don't want an easy going medical student life where with little study can grant me so much achievements. Life is hard for a reason. It teaches us how to survive in the real world.

No pain no gain.


Alhamdulillah, tasjil madah dah habis! Masya Allah, banyak sangat pengajaran yang Allah bagi. Sebelum tasjil, keliru nak ambil subjek ikhtiari apa, bukak al Quran untuk minta petunjuk. Ayat pertama yang saya dapat pasal sabar dan bersyukur.

Tak puas hati sangat, so bukak lagi untuk ayat kedua. Dan subhanallah, masih lagi dapat ayat pasal sabar dan bersyukur. Jadi, redha saje, and truly, memang tasjil madah ni kena banyak bersabar dan bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Tajdid niat
Niat untuk ambil setiap subjek tu kena betul. "Untuk dekatkan diri kepada-Nya", in sya Allah.

Hasilnya? Animal Health... :)

Tak sabar rasa nak bergelumang study pasal haiwan!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Abah Saya Boleh Buat Semua Benda XD


Abah sangat suka macrophotography.
Abah, cuba ambil gambar mata Mama! :)

Saya dapat senyum nakal saya, I guess, daripada Abah. Sebab Abah sangat suka kacau orang, lagi-lagi Mama. Hehe..

Kalau nak cerita pasal Abah, mesti saya akan tersenyum lebar, dan cakap,

"Abah suka mengaku boleh buat semua benda! Bila kitorg tengok tv, ada orang buat aksi backflip dengan motorcross ke, atau scene orang lawan-lawan, Abah akan cakap,"Alah, Abah pun boleh buat camtu..".

Dan semestinya kitorang takkan percaya. Haha.. :)

Saya dan Abah ada banyak yang sama sebenarnya. Abah pun suka tengok movie. Most of our family time is watching movies together. Walau penat macammana pun, Abah join gak tengok movie dengan kitorang, tapi nanti Abah tidur separuh jalan. Hehe..

Abah suka kereta. Saya mula-mula tak berapa nak minat kereta, tapi bila Abah asyik tunjuk kereta tu jenama tu, enjin dia begini begitu, saya pun mula jengok-jengok kereta yang lalu lalang, dan saya mula minat. Tapi, minat saya bukan pada enjin dia, atau kelajuan dia, tapi minat saya kat header dan bumper kereta!

"Abah! Kereta tu pemandu dia mesti cina sebab lampu headlight dia sepet!"
"Bas tu nampak macam belalang!"
"Kereta ni nampak sedih sangat, kan Abah?"
"Abah! Garangnya kereta ni! Tengok kening dia ke bawah gitu!"
"Kereta ni macam transformer laa Abah!"

.. dan Abah akan jawap, "Banyak sangat imaginasi Tasneem ni!" :)

Banyak lagi kalau nak cerita persamaan saya dengan Abah. Tapi, share sikit-sikit saja sudah la ye, yang lainnya jadi rahsia antara saya dan Abah je.. :)

Sayang Abah! Rindu nak cium pipi Abah! You know Abah, pipi Abah kan dah mula nak tajam-tajam macam pipi Tok Ayah dan Tok Wan! Hehe.. Nanti mesti cucu lari bila Abah nak cium dyorang. Haha!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Summertime. Sombong.


Summertime, and the living is easy,
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high,
Oh your daddy's rich, and your mama's good-looking
So hush little baby, don't you cry..

Tengah-tengah cuti summer ni, teringat lagu ni waktu kat tadika dulu.
Dulu bila nyanyi lagu ni, terpikir, bertuahnya baby ni, kecik-kecik lagi, orang dah cakap, ayah kau kaya, mak kau cantik! hehe..


Kalau saya begini, tak mustahil ada juga kamu-kamu di luar sana, yang sama dengan saya.

"Dan apabila dikatakan kepadanya, "Bertakwalah kepada Allah," bangkitlah kesombongannya untuk berbuat dosa. Maka pantaslah baginya neraka Jahannam, dan sungguh (Jahannam itu) tempat tinggal yang terburuk."


Semalam, Alhamdulillah dapat kesempatan untuk duduk, dan kemaskini balik tafsir al-Quran yang dah berusia hampir 4 tahun tu. Tengok balik ayat-ayat aiskerim saya (ayat-ayat yang Allah bagi tepat pada masanya), terjumpa pulak dengan ayat ini.

Allah bagi saya ayat ni, sewaktu saya sangat berdebar untuk bagi tazkirah maghrib-isyak di Kisas, suatu masa waktu saya f4 dulu. Saya nak tegur kawan-kawan saya waktu tu, pasal apa saya tak ingat dah. Tapi berdebarnya, Ya Allah.

Maka, saya pun bukalah al-Quran, tak niat pun nak buka untuk cari ayat aiskerim, tapi, Allah kan Maha Sweet, Maha Mengetahui kehendak hamba-hambanya? Dia bagi saya ayat ni, dan saya mula tenang sikit. Bila tiba masanya, saya mulakan tazkirah saya, dengan membaca ayat ini :)

Kalau dulu, asalnya Allah bagi ayat ini untuk permudahkan saya untuk tegur kawan-kawan, kali ni pulak, ayat aiskerim ini pulak yang menegur saya.

Dan mungkin menegur kamu yang membaca juga.

Apabila ada yang menegur kita, entah kenapa, terasa kat hati ni, suatu perasaan untuk tak terima teguran tu. Mungkin degil, ego, dengki, dan kadang-kadang tu, rasa tak boleh terima teguran, sebab orang yang menegur itu pun sama sekaki sekepala turut buat apa yang dia tegurkan.

and then saya terfikir, betullah, dia sekaki sekepala dengan saya. Dia ada kaki, ada kepala, sama macam saya, maksudnya dia pun manusia sama dengan saya. Dia pun, buat kesalahan, sama macam saya.

Sepatutnya saya tak boleh pandang sama ada dia pun buat ke tak apa yang dia tegur tu. Sebab, kalau saya buat macam tu, saya rasa tak nak terima tegurannya, then, jadilah saya golongan yang disebutkan dalam ayat di atas. Golongan yang sombong untuk terus buat dosa, walau sudah ditegur.

Saya, kamu, kita semua sama.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

In The Making: The Watchful Tree Girl


The Watchful Tree Girl

Programs to attend,
Posters dateline,
AJK Programs,
Video to make,
Arabs cooking lessons,
Tasjil Madah,
Arab ammi self lessons,
a new home to make-over!

Didn't quite expect my summer holiday will be this busy! I didn't even get the chance to finish this drawing! But Alhamdulillah, His Plan is the best! This busyness is quite enjoyable actually. At least I'll not just aimlessly living the rest of my holiday doing nothing that's important.

But, I'll finish this one for sure!

Seeking towards the footsteps of a Murabbi. :)

P/S: asal nak lukis budak kiut miut. Tapi, mungkin baru lepas tengok Ju-On kut. Pengaruh =.="